MCHA Board of Directors and Staff

In accordance with Minnesota Statute, the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) Board of Directors is comprised of thirteen individuals.

Six directors are selected by the health insurance industry, subject to approval by the Commissioner of Commerce. One of the industry members must be a health actuary.

Five public directors are selected by the Commissioner of Commerce, at least two of whom must be individual plan enrollees, one of whom must be a licensed insurance agent, and at least two of the public directors must reside outside of the seven-county metropolitan area.

Two directors are selected by the Commissioner of Human Services; one of whom must represent hospitals and one of whom must represent health care providers.

MCHA Board Members:

Dave Dziuk (Chair)
Industry Member, HealthPartners

Tim Luy (Vice-Chair)
Industry Member, Federated Mutual Insurance Company

Sheryl Radle (Secretary)
Public Member, Licensed Insurance Broker

Mike Umland (Treasurer)
Industry Member, PreferredOne

Stephen Custis
Industry Member, Medica

Scott Keefer
Industry Member, Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Teresa E Knoedler
Public Member

Kerry Koestler
Public Member

Lawrence J Massa
Public Member

Angela Oien
Public Member

Sara Rohde
Public Member

MCHA Staff Member
Peggy Zimmerman-Belbeck
Executive Director